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Use Solar Power 24/7 with a Solar Battery System for Residential or Commercial

Solar Installer Sydney can add a SENEC Solar Battery Storage System to your solar panels so you can become mainly Power Self-Sufficient.

Whether you already have an existing PV System or are yet to install one, a SENEC Solar Battery can enable you to use solar power 24 hours a day (including nights, cloudy days and even during a blackout).


Once installed, a Home Solar Battery stores any excess solar energy you would otherwise be sending back to the grid. By using more of the energy you produce, you can reduce power bills, and reduce your impact on the environment. SENEC is compatible with all systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

A solar panel battery system gives you the advantage of being able to store the solar energy you generate, rather than feeding it back to the grid for next to nothing. As a result of this, your solar power is available for you even at night which is when most Australians need it most.

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We’re an experienced electrical contracting company specialising in solar supply, installations and electrical work. With over 14 years in the industry, you can be assured of quality work and the best possible outcome.

  • 19x Q Cells Maxx 350W
  • Growatt MIN-5000-TL-X
  • Tin/Tile Kits
  • BOS Kits
  • 17 x Hyundai UF Series 390W
  • Sungrow SG5K-D Premium
  • Tin/Tile Kits
  • BOS Kits
  • 16 x LG NeON H Plus 410W
  • Fronius Primo 5KW
  • Tin/Tile Kits
  • BOS Kits

Residential and Commercial jobs,
handled by an Expert Team of Electricians

We cover comprehensive services from new solar panel installs
to micro inverters and battery storage units

Solar Switchboards

Not all Solar Meters are digital. To help you get the best performance from your solar system, you may need to get a new Solar Digital Meter upgrade. We can help you achieve this to get the best information technology possible out of your solar System.


Solar companies who sell their Solar sales to ‘cowboys” will create issues for any owner. This can include poor installation setups, failure in compliance of wiring setup which can lead to poor performance or worst still, cause a fire hazard. Call us if you need a safety check of your setup.


We supply and install solar power systems. By using us you will be guaranteed a better solution than using a sales team looking for the quickest and cheapest way to make a profit.


Have you experienced a premature solar power system failure? Our team of qualified electricians can identify and rectify the issue for you quickly and painlessly.


Do you have an old solar system that needs upgrading? We can remove and replace your Old Solar system to New for better quality and performance.


Faulty inverters are one of the most common reasons for solar system failure. Do you have a Solar Inverter which has zoned Red. We can do diagnostics tests to see why or replace it to new, from our quality brands and well known manufacturers.


We guarantee qualified electricians not sub-contractors. With over 14 years in the electrical industry, we will provide you with the best possible outcome.

Residential & Commercial

Solar power is a great asset for both residential and commercial premises. We will work closely with you to design the best solution for your needs.

Best Quality Service, handled in-house from start to finish
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We are not a solar panel marketing company, who outsources your job request
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We only use and recommend equipment from the best known quality brands and manufacturers